Many Australians travel to Bali every year with many wanting to ship back furniture, homewares, garden products and a whole lot more. Some, also see an opportunity to start up a small retail business or may wish to arrange a container to furnish a new home or refurbish preloved homes.

Buying products from overseas and shipping them home is not an easy process although there are retailers that will tell you different just to make a sale. Any purchase made should be shipped in a consolidated container whereby the shipper (being us) loads the container and then arranges for customs & Quarantine clearance in Australia.

BBH has an experienced team which includes a former licensed Australian Customs broker that understands the processes and the regulations to import goods into Australia. We also coordinate shipments / purchases from multiple shippers (shoppers in Bali) and consolidate the orders to fill a container back to the nearest capital city. Our customers are varied, some take our shopping tour, some make their own purchases and we ship and some are wholesalers that don’t have enough cargo to fill their own container and ship with us.

Our shopping tours are a great day out (longer if required),there are loads of interesting things to see at only a cost of aud 45.00 per person ( minimum 2 people ) for a full day tour.

Our tour is not a bus trip, they are personalized and we only go to places that will be of interest to you based on your feedback. We record all product information and calculate all costs such as freight, duty and G.S.T. The only charge we cannot calculate is delivery to your home although our agent in Australia can assist with this. Unfortunately, due to the complex nature of shipping and customs clearance, shipments must not be less than AUD 5,000.00 in value or 5 cubic metres (cbm). This can be a combined shipment from one party, for instance friends or relatives sharing the space of 5 cbm. We can of course explain in more detail and request that you contact us with any questions or clarification of the services we provide.

We do make shopping and shipping very easy for our customers, we hope that we may be of service to you in the future.